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Park Rules

Effective immediately In an effort to maintain a safe environment for players and fans the LOYBSA board has passed two new park rules.  Smoking will be restricted to parking areas only. No pets allowed in the park during game and, or practice times. Thanks LOYBSA Board.

Concession Stand Schedule

Concession Stand Schedule is now loaded for the summer. Please make sure you have enough people for your team's shift. 

Batting Cage

The Batting Cage is open.  We will open at 5 on Monday through Friday and 9 on Saturday.  We will stay open until 30 minutes after the start of the last game of the day (5-7 on Wednesdays).  Call 270.554.0867 for an appointment.  Leave your name, phone number, date, time and cage number for your appointment.  We will return your call and confirm your appointment.



LOYBSA is now linked to AmazonSMILE.

LOYBSA is now linked to SMILE program. Eligible purchases from will also make a donation to LOYBSA at NO COST to you. All you need to do is sign up at This is a simple and FREE way to support the ballpark.

New WKBSA Rules

The WKBSA voted on two rules changes at the 12/17 meeting:


New Rule 1.  The bat rule will change to the language below.  Please make sure that you do not use bat size, weight, length, BPF etc. as acceptance criteria.  The bat MUST have the USA Baseball licensing mark  .  FYI, the max diameter for these bats is 2-5/8 inches, but there are 2-5/8 inch bats that are not acceptable.  Little League Bats allowed by the WKBSA in 2017 will also be allowed.  A list of some acceptable bats may be found at


Boys age division 7 through 14 (see Paragraph 1 for 7 year olds) must use bats that:     

  • Bear the USA Baseball stamp
  • Bear the Little League approved stamp
  • Be a one piece wooden bat
  • Note:  The WKBSA reserved the right to reject the use of any equipment that might be judged unsafe.

New Rule 2.  All infielders on the softball field must wear a defensive facemask while in the field.   This shall include pitchers.

Rainout Phone number

Please use the following phone number to check for rainouts:


We will also try to keep the website up to date but.

Concussion Training

Starting with Fall Ball, every team will be required to have at least one coach on that team that has completed Concussion Awareness Training.  This is a requirement from our insurance company.  The link below will direct you to a source provided by the CDC.  This is an on-line course and is self directed.  It takes about 30 minutes and there is a short quiz at the end.  You will be able to print a Certificate once completed.  ‚ÄčNo team will be allowed to compete until at least one coach from that team has completed the course.